Our Spirits


Gin has a very long history and is known primarily for its predominant juniper flavor. Please feel free to make one of our Gin and Tonics and dive into the history online. Juniper is used as a spice in many cultures. The history of gin has always included Juniper.

American Dry Gin

Our gin, while including juniper by definition, is also infused with other botanicals and spices. Our recipe combines the botanicals and species in a way that the juniper blends and compliments other flavors. We infuse grain neutral spirits with these natural flavors. With our American Dry Gin we also add a touch of lime zest with the infusion. The zest gives our gin a wonderful citrus note. As a group we decided not to re-distill our gin after the infusion in order to maintain the body and the taste that exists before re-distillation. This also gives our gin a slight hue. Additionally, if the gin sits for a while, there may be some fallout in the bottle. This is completely normal. Just give it a shake and continue to enjoy.

Clementine Gin

We use zest from the clementine fruit. We use ZERO artificial flavorings in our products. The clementine zest adds wonderful citrus notes to our gin. Since the ingredients are natural, the color will fade with time. Additionally, after a while, there may be some sediment or fallout. This is perfectly normal and still good to drink. Just give it a good shake before using it in the next drink.

Tea-Infused Gin Series

We’ve partnered with Tupelo Honey Teas in Millvale to create a unique series of tea-infused gins.


Like gin, rum has a long history. The internet, not to mention pop culture, is rife with long tales about rum, pirates, and the definition of a “proof” when it comes to alcohol. Most commercially available rum is made from molasses. Molasses is the liquid that is pulled from sugar cane while it is refined. Our rum is slightly different. We use panela sugar, which is unrefined pure sugar cane – primarily used in Central and Latin America.  Although brown in color, it is not the same as brown sugar used in baking. This sugar is removed early on in the refining process leaving behind nutrients vitamins and a unique sweetness which is reflected in our end product. We purchase our sugar from Just Panela based in Colorado We encourage you to try it in your recipes that call for brown or table sugar! Enjoy!

White Rum

Our White Rum is 80 proof and 100% panela sugar. It is also 100% gluten free and vegan friendly. The unique sweetness helps set our rum apart from others. It can be used in any mixed drink that comes to mind when rum is involved. It cannot be understated that the sweetness of the Panela sugar is unmatched.

Spiced Rum

Our spice flavored rum is an exciting addition of 100% natural spices. Many spiced rums come from aging in a barrel; however, we wanted to take advantage of the special sweetness of our white rum and add some delicious natural flavors. We take our white rum base and infuse it with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. This product goes well in drinks calling for dark or spiced rum.

Barrel-Aged Spiced Rum

We took our spiced rum and aged it in a new American oak barrel for four months. The spices mellowed very evenly with the oak and for being a young barrel-aged rum, the oak is very distinctive and compliments the spices.


We have already begun our whiskey production process. As many know, whiskey acquires its taste and color from the barrels in which it lives. This process takes time. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our future whiskey and bourbon releases.