About Us

As many an interesting story begins, it started in Vegas…

It was a girls trip to Las Vegas that initially piqued Marcy and Maria’s interest in artisan distilling. An afternoon of day drinking led them to a bar with a wide variety of spirits they had never seen before. The bar was slow and the bartender had time to share. He filled the afternoon with descriptions (and tastes) of a variety of spirits from across the country. The afternoon was intriguing and an unexpected small-town experience in Vegas. They came home and could not stop thinking about both the spirits they had tried, but also the experience as a whole.

After some research they enlisted the help of husband and brother-in-law, Jerry. They sent him across the country and back to learn the ins and outs of the distilling business. Jerry spent time learning the science behind distilling, the movement in the craft distilling world, and of course, the joy of drinking many spirits.